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Mediation, Arbitration And Alternative Dispute Resolution

Services such as mediation and arbitration can allow two sides of a dispute to come to a resolution outside the courtroom rather than within it, often saving time and money. This can make these services an excellent option for parties who are facing lawsuits.

Care Backed By Decades Of Experience

Our firm has a long history of offering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services like mediation and arbitration. We offer these services in cases including those involving:

  • Collisions with uninsured/underinsured motorists and other motor vehicle accidents such as those involving trucks, cars and motorcycles
  • Personal injury cases such as premises and product liability
  • Insurance coverage disputes

We are well-equipped to offer ADR services in these areas and more because we often represent plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury and insurance dispute cases. Additionally, our office has conference rooms that allow us to host these discussions. We know this area of the law well and are pleased to offer this service.

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