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Truck Accidents Have Lasting Effects

Due to the sizes of the vehicles involved as well as the potentially hazardous or dangerous materials they transport, truck accidents can be extremely serious. Lasting severe physical issues, like traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, burns, spinal cord injuries and more, can result from a collision with such a large vehicle.

Our Experience Makes Us The Perfect Advocate

At Sacino, Bertolino & Hallissy, APC, we help individuals who are facing serious injuries after truck accidents.

Because we have decades of experience working with insurance companies to defend claims, we know how to put together successful personal injury cases. We look for information like:

  • The insurance coverage of the driver and the company that employs them: In some cases, both the driver and the company can be liable for an accident.
  • The size of the load the driver was driving: An oversized load can affect the driver’s ability to maneuver the truck.
  • The driver’s condition at the time of the crash: Were they tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • The driver’s history: If the driver had a history of causing accidents and the trucking company still allowed them to drive, it may make their liability clearer.
  • The trucking company’s standards and practices: A company’s practices may make accidents more likely.

All these can have an impact on your case. We know where to look to make the best possible case for you.

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